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The mission of Breaking The SSickle Cell Cycle Foundation, Inc. is to promote sickle cell disease awareness through education and service.


About The Organization

Breaking The SSickle Cell Foundation, Inc. was created to promote sickle cell disease (also referred to sickle cell anemia) and sickle cell trait awareness education within the community. In addition, the foundation will serve as a resource to provide connections to healthcare resources and services for those affected by sickle cell disease who may be in need of such information. In addition to providing sickle cell disease education within the community, Breaking The SSickle Cell Cycle Foundation Inc., also seeks to bridge the gap in sickle cell disease education amongst primary care healthcare providers/personnel who may not be as familiar with the disease state. Breaking The SSickle Cell Cycle Foundation, Inc. hosts and participates in various community service events which focus on creating an inviting environment for participants to be educated on sickle cell disease and also equip them with the necessary information on how to break the cycle of sickle cell disease. Breaking The SSickle Cell Cycle Foundation, Inc. seeks to empower individuals with the necessary information to assist them in making informed decisions regarding future family planning and to provide those living with sickle cell disease, the necessary information that will enable them to have an improved quality of life while living with the chronic condition of sickle cell anemia.

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